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Access their inventory, receipt, and shipment information through the web

In today's highly globalized economy, the supply chain of a business can be very complex, involving many external parties, namely; Suppliers, Contract Manufacturers, 3rd Party Logistics Service Providers (3PLs), Carriers and Customers. Therein lies the challenge of how to manage these various parties and the business information effectively and efficiently.

With DB Schenker as your strategic partner in providing your transportation and logistics needs, we can be the ‘glue’ which gels together the various components along your supply chain, offering customized solutions to reduce your inventory holding costs thus improving business profitability.

At DB Schenker, we have InView – Inventory View System, providing you with a virtual warehouse to view consolidated inventory information across different geographical locations and allowing you to track the shipment status of inbound and outbound goods for each warehouse.                      

With InView, we enable you to make timely and correct decisions on your supply chain demands.

   · Consolidated Inventory

   · Receipts and Shipment

   · Reporting

Consolidated Inventory

InView provides you with consolidated inventory visibility across different geographical locations, in a single view, via the web, enabling you to actively manage your supply chain. Drill downs to the inventory details can be easily performed to view the inventory by warehouse or by ownership. Your company, your suppliers, your contract manufacturers and your customers will have visibility to their respective inventory ownership.

Inventory details including Available, Onhold, Allocated and Picked Quantity will be at your fingertips. This will facilitate effective and efficient inventory planning.

One key function is the event-triggered inventory alerts. You can specify the minimum and maximum levels for a SKU. When any of these threshold levels is reached, an alert will be sent to a specified list of users via email or SMS, upon which necessary action can be taken promptly.

Receipts and Shipment

Using InView, you will have access to timely information on Advanced Shipment Notices (ASNs) and Shipment Orders (SOs). For goods arriving into the warehouse, the ASN status will indicate whether the goods are still in transit or have already been received into the warehouse. A search on ASNs can be based on various criteria including receipt date and purchase order number.

For orders placed on goods in the warehouse, you can track the status of each SO to find out if the order is still being processed or if the goods have already been shipped out. The query can be done, searching by order number, delivery date or delivery note number. This knowledge on the shipment orders will enable you to identify possible shipment delays and manage your customers proactively.


InView consists of numerous reports to help you in the day-to-day operation. Some key reports include:

   · Trends Analysis - shows the daily inventory levels of a SKU over a specified time period presented in a graphical form.

   · Ageing Report- provides information on the length of days a SKU has stayed in the warehouse.

   · Transaction Report- lists the quantities related to the receiving, adjustment and shipping activities for a SKU.

This online reporting tool allows you access to information anytime, anywhere.

Last modified: 18.09.2014

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